UK 49s Teatime Results: Thursday, 16 January 2020

Today Betfred UK 49s Teatime Results: Thursday, 16 January 2020 with latest tips are present here. Each player will find the lucky tips for both teatime and lunchtime 49s lotto.

Today’s session for 49s contains all betting lucky numbers and today’s results.

UK 49s Teatime Results: Thursday, 16 January 2020

9, 12, 18, 20, 26, 43 Booster: 14

On a daily basis different lotto teatime betting sessions present. That has a lot of master lucky numbers and tips for the game. If you want to keep your winning secure updated. Then you must check daily tips as lucky hot, cold, and pairs. But you only need to go with the lotto tips that are odd to you.

Today pointers for teatime betting balls make your day amazing. The previous draw numbers are 2, 23, 29, 34, 47, 49 Booster: 16. You can see that each lotto factor comes after betting methods and tips on the game. So, don’t forget to share this valuable content with others for more winnings.

Today Teatime Lotto Results & Predictions

Regarding tips and winnings numbers here we have a lot of magical factors. Teatime that is one of the second draws makes your day crazy. Let’s go and check a few numbers that are yearly and most effective.

  • Yearly balls are 47, 37, 19, 18, 15 and 23
  • Under the super 17 bubbling
  • Super repetitive and magical

You can see the lotto numbers that are magical make your day targeted.

Teatime Hot Vs Cold Balls For 49s Lotto

Few tactics and strategies are best for the players. But the tactics and winning numbers that are sure and accurate are present here. These are combinations of hot and cold balls.

  • Lotto hot balls are 22, 26, and 1
  • Cold lotto balls are 8, 10, and 4

Both terms are effective and magical for the users. So, you only need to go with the lotto tactics and win the draw.

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